Cheese Equipment
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Cheese Block Cutter unit A 1 way cutter

Cheese Block Cutter unit A 1 way cutter
Kraft Design
for Block of cheese
1 way cutter
cutting area in harp: 12" wide x 8" high
overall dimensions: 88" long x 42" wide x 44" high

Cheese loaf style filler for box Custom made

Custom manufactured piston filler to fill rectangular box. Product was "Velveeta" type cheese.
Box with liner placed manually under fill head

Hand operated SS frame wire cut harp/block cleaners

SS frame wire cut harp/block cleaner.

Round frame cutter
4" clear wire to frame
21" wide clear

Damrow style barrel/block cheese grinder

This is a Damrow style cheese mixer/grinder.
There is no tag but we had several of these systems
in line.
Unit has a 5hp drive for the breaker arms and
a 15hp drive for the screw.
12 inch diameter screw with a 1/2 inch orifice plate
Unit measures 66 inches long X 74 inches wide X 98 inches high.
Unit is designed to take a 640 block of cheese and break it up and extrude.
Unit is in good working condition

Bonnot SS cheese grinder 16 inch

Bonnot SS cheese grinder
Missing manufacturer tag

Unit has a 16 inch diameter screw with a 1/2 orifice
Hopper measures 20 inches wide X 30 inches long X 33 inches deep.
Unit will require a 60 hp drive (not included).
Overall dimensions of the unit 60 inches wide X 110 inches long X 80 inches high.
All stainless steel contact parts.

Very good condition

Christy grater model 40"-2RG-S

Christy grater model 40"-2RG-S
s/n 101 2RG-S
90 volt DC
Motor Master RG Series vari speed controller

1/8" square wire mesh grating screen

Cheese Shredder for 40 lb blocks

Cheese Shredder for 40 lb blocks
Designed custom for a client by Midway Mach. in Zeeland, MI
Unit uses a hydraulic ram to push a UHMW block
Block forces cheese block thru 6 horizontal knives
Then feeds smaller blocks into shred head plate

Chamber is 22"L x 13"W x 8-1/2"H
Block hand fed into chamber at 48 inches
Shred discharge is under unit at 41 inches from floor

Unit comes with shred plate changing device

15 hp 460 volt

OAD'S: 102" x 43" x 71" high

manual included with unit
3 new shred plates included
plates are 17 inch dia with 3/16" shred area cut
Distance from back of knife to plate face is 1-7/8. Vertical spacing between knives is 1-1/4

Damrow 1000 lb twin screw process cheese cooker

Damrow 1000 lb twin screw process cheese cooker
Model twin screw
capacity 1000 lb
s/n 93-069
15 hp 230/460 volt thru reducer
manual included

parts available thru
Rockford Spares

40 lb cheese block cuber one way

40 lb cheese block cuber

Last doing hard Italian cheeses

Custom made Sept. 2009

Block inserted from side into main chamber under posts with wire above.

Wire descends thru block cutting it in half

Ram then pushes pieces thru harp knives or wires giving you (40) 1 lb pieces

Unit has 2 knife harps and 2 wire harps

Unit is complete with self contained Motion Industries hydraulic power pak

Allen Bradley Micrologic 1200 controller

Used in excellent working condition

All stainless steel portable on casters

Last used in the food industry

SS cheese loaf guillotine cutter

SS cheese loaf guillotine cutter
air operated with (2) handed safety button design
35" x 24" horizontal cutting area
15"L x 12"H x 1//2" thick cutting blade
on portable stand
Clearance under blade when down is 5 inches; when raised is 15 inchces.

OAD's: 80"H x 36"W x 36" deep

SS box / bag breakers

SS box / bag breakers
pneumatic piston operates vertically
comes down onto bag/box and breaks open
(3) available
2 hand safety operation

SS barrel clamp lift

SS barrel clamp lift
22" diameter across clamp area
unit can be lifted thru fork area in bottom support
or it can be lifted by chain hoist lift point on top of frame

OAD's: 41W x 48"L x 48"H

SS Drain table

SS Drain table
30" x 47" x 31" high
6" sides
1-1/2" drain hole

OAD's: 49 x 32 x 31

SS drain carts with roller bars

SS drain carts with roller bars
2 available
30"W x 72"L x 38"H
center bottom drain is 2"
4" deep at sides x 7" deep at center
2-1/2" between rollers

Unit A 10 rollers (missing 4 rollers)
Unit B 14 rollers

OAD's: 75L X 33w X 39h

SS safety fence

SS safety fence
formerly used to protect forklift propane tanks
96"L x 92"W x 49"H
rails are 12" and 36" from ground
rails bolt to posts; posts bolt to floor

SS 3 step stairs

SS 3 step stairs
37" top stair height
steps are 12" x 36" wide
with handrails on both sides
open at top