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Fedco filler model PH3

Fedco filler
model PH3
s/n 990293

with APV Crepaco positive pump
size 3RTRILH
s/n PP-2523-0799

1-1/2 HP 230/460 volt 1750 rpm

On SS frame

Hinds Bock 4P-32 piston filler

Hinds Bock 4 piston filler

Model 4P-32

Ser. No. 3180

Hinds Bock 6P-03 piston filler depositor

Hinds Bock 6 piston filler
Model 6P-03
Ser. No. 1101
Unit has (6) 1-3/8" diameter holes in hopper
Unit has (6) 2-7/8" diameter pistons
Hopper measures 24" wide x 69" long x 36" at deepest part

4 head piston filler

Unknown manufacturer 4 head piston filler
Unit has(4) 1-1/4" diameter pistons with max stroke of approx 6 inches
Discharge spoouts are 3/4" dia pipe
Unit has 4 feed hoppers that are 11-1/2 x 5-1/2 with 18" straight side
Hoppers have 22" taper to main infeed.
Unit is air pneumatic operated and foot switch controlled.

Raque piston filler

Raque piston filler
Model: PF.2.5.1
S/N: 07.22G.0
Date: 01/98
Company: A.F.P.
1 hp 208-230/460
Hopper with agitator

Mateer Burt Model 1000 auger filler (parts unit)

Mateer Burt Model 1000 auger filler (parts unit)
Series 1000
s/n 803944 1/88
Mateer Microset Controller
Has agitator but missing cone
1-1/2 hp 180 volt motor

FEMC 4 piston filler/depositor

FEMC 4 piston filler/depositor
Model 3700-000-001
s/n 7777
April 2004
A-B panel view 300 touch pad & A-B micro logix 1500 controller
4 pistons push product to 4 spot depositing heads.
Traveling head
Fills from 1.8 oz up to 6.9 oz
Speeds from 140 to 120 per/min.
particulates up to 1/2" allowable
Agitated hopper
SS construction
On casters with screw down pads

original cost in excess of $100K

Pdf blueprint available

Filamatic in-line liquids filler model H-Z-300

Filamatic in-line liquids filler
Model H-Z-300
s/n 019012 (1991)
220 volts
3 inch wide x 105 inch long slat top belt

OAD's: 105L x 70W x 72H

H Automatic Horizontal Series

The Filamatic® H Series liquid machine provides quick, accurate and advanced staight-line filling.
The horizontal position of the filling units allow for the ability to handle a wide variety of products from free-flowing
or water-thin to viscous or thicker products.

The H Series can accomodate up to 22 filling units for a production rate of 300 cpm
and can fill a wide range of container shapes and sizes.

This automatic liquid filling machine is easy to operate, provides a quick and easy changeover,
and a standard programmable controller.

Unipac tube filler Mach type Comet Matic

Unipac tube filler
Mach type Comet Matic
s/n 07070084 (1984)
220/60/3 16 amps
jacketed, agitated mix/feed hopper

OAD's: 72" x 48" x 86"H

Raque 8 piston filler

Raque 8 piston filler
agitated hopper
may be some parts missing

Mateer auger filler model 1200

Mateer auger filler
Model 1200
s/n 803654
7/87 AFL
1.5 hp 230/60/3
Mounted on SS platform formerly hung from ceiling
Unit used a Rice Lake bucket scale to fill 5 lb batches

SS bulk powder filler system on stand

SS bulk powder filler system on stand
unit has a 12" SS airlock with 8" infeed/10" discharge
approx 56" to floor clearance